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KPPA Executive Board

Ali Corbett- Immediate Past President

Cindy La Barge - President

Cathy Colborn - Vice President

Kathleen Pearce - Interim Treasurer

Michela Brown - Secretary

Peggy Fischer - Minute Taker

Senior Board – 2 Year Term

Denise Varrientos (2022-2024)

Peggy Fischer (2023-2025)

Michelle Tessaro (2023-2025)

Ashley Metler (2023-2025)

Gale Wall (2022-2024)

Donna Pollock (2022-2024)

Junior Board - 1 Year Term 

District 1

William Layton

Carol Myers

Ashley Casey


Karen Schroeder

Cyndi Circle

Brittney Heiter

District 2

Eric Marr

York Conard

Shane Boultinghouse


Susan Doherty

Theresa Teufel

Darin LaCrone

KPPS Board

Jim and Nola Stucky
Ron Clevenger - Cindy La Barge - Katie Rockers

Special Assignments and Positions

Webmaster - Waldo Berry

Fellowship - Kathleen Pearce

Leann Kucerik - Print Chairman

PPA Councilmen

John and Cindy La Barge

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