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Joining the Kansas Professional Photographers Association (KPPA)(as of 06/15/2011)

If you are a photographer, or an aspiring Photographer, the KPPA has many benefits to offer:  See our KPPA Membership brochure for some of the many benefits of KPPA.  These include fellowship, the sharing of common problems and their solutions. Equally important, the growth of professional confidence and technical ability as a result of contact with others. Among the many benefits available to members are: Information, Education, Convention programs and trade show, Seminars, KPPA School, Photographic print competitions and exhibits, Awards, Publicity, use of the KPPA-emblem, Code of Ethics and Group Insurance Benefits. In addition you have the resources and experience of many successful photographers. You will gain skills and learn to improve your photography capabilities. We also share commonality and friendship that is as strong as your love for photography. We all abide by a Code of Ethics in conducting our professional and creative services.  Join the KPPA and build your creative profession in the best way possible.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP( Dues- $60.00 per year) Professional Active membership shall be extended to photographic studio owners, the president of a photographic corporation, the head of a photographic department of an industrial or institutional establishment, their employees, or those who derive a major portion of their income from photography, and who either live within or maintain their business within the State of Kansas. Active members who wish to hold board positions must also be members of the Professional Photographers of America.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Dues- $60.00 per year) Associate Membership shall be extended to those individual or firms or institutions whose main business is the distribution of goods or services to the photographic profession, or those individuals interested in the photographic profession but earning a major portion of their income outside of photography, students, or individuals that live or operate their business outside the state of Kansas. Associate members excluded from Board positions, State Print Competitions, and have no voting power at any KPPA meetings.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP (Dues- $30.00 per year)  Student Membership shall be extended to active students.  They are excluded from voting or holding office.  Their membership shall not exceed four years; at which time they shall advance to an Active membership.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP is an honorary membership with all rights and privileges of the the Active membership.  It shall be given by a two-thirds majority vote of the board of directors.  (Non-members cannot apply, only award to active members by the board of directors)

KPPA has two options for joining the association.  You can use the online application process on this page to complete your application and also pay for your membership online.   You may also download a

manual application form, print it out and mail in the completed application form.  All applicants should review the Association Code of Ethics

before completing the membership process.  We look forward to having you in our association.

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