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about us

KPPA was incorporated in 1950 as a non-profit organization to advance photography in all its branches. We seek to promote fellowship and educational advancement among the photographs of the State of Kansas, and the surrounding territories as a profession, to oppose violations and infringements of the rights of professional photographers. It is affiliated with the Professional Photographers of America the world's oldest and largest association of professional photographers.

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KPPA is an association of photographers and those associated with the photography industry.   Supporting photography as a profession and an art is one of the primary goals of this organization.   Thus we provide mentors, training, seminars, and guidance to help members improve their skills.   Technical skill, creative artistry, and business management are the essentials of a successful photographer.  Association with others in the photography yields growth and experience you cannot gain on your own.  Members gain skill from various f:stops and expos offered every year.   Some of those events are even free to members only.    Technical training from some of the industries best photographers is only part of what we offer.  Members can actively participate in print competitions and critiques at our state level to get you ready for the next international levels.  Members receive accolades for support of the organization and national participation through our Fellowship program.






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